aquaponics 4 you review

Aquaponics 4 you review

Are you contemplating starting your own organic garden to grow healthy foods for your household or business? If so, your best option right now is to go with the new and proven organic farming technology known as aquaponics, I am sure you have heard of it. Yes, it is true what they say, works like magic. Not exactly like jack’s beanstalk but how about being able to grow ten times more crop in the limited garden space you have and you hardly ever have to do anything. No weeding, no back breaking planting, no watering till you back hurts, no composting and no weeding… did I say weeding twice? That’s right, you just watch your plants grow, literary.


But there is one problem though, how do you acquire a full functional aquaponics system on a short leash budget. I mean not everyone has hundreds of dollars just lying around, and money doesn’t exactly grow in your garden either (until you start aquaponics to grow your lettuce) so, how? You can opt to buy run-of-the-mill premade systems from your nearest farm supply shop, or you can make your own! With the guidance of an aquaponics expert and certified organic farmer of course. Meet the comprehensive aquaponics 4 you guide to building your own aquaponics system by John Fay, the certified organic farmer and aquaponics expert.

What is aquaponics 4 you

Aquaponics 4 you is a written manual and detailed video support showing how to build an easy and functional aquaponics system for less than four hundred bucks ( under $400 for aquaponics system is very cheap). The guide is prepared by John Fay himself and shows how to do everything from scratch until you have a working system leaving no room for failure. It’s hard to go wrong with such detailed instructions, you have to be working really hard towards failing, I would take quite a bit of effort.

Aquaponics 4 you – what to expect

I just purchased the program a few days ago and am in the early planning stages to start following the guide to building my own aquaponics system, and I have a lot of expectations as am sure so do you. The guide is definitely recommendable for beginners. I have read it through and watched the instructional video online, and I think my grandmother could do this!

Apart from the step-by-step procedure, you can also expect to have a variety of layouts to go with when you are making the most use of your available gardening space. Also, you will learn what crops do best in the system and your natural or induced climate among other useful tips.

Aquaponics 4 you overview

Once you become a member, you will have access to the following premium features of the program;

  • Aquaponics 4 You Manual:

When you purchase John’ aquaponics 4 you program, you get instant access to the PDF manual with everything you need to know to build your own system that works from scratch, but that’s no all;

  • Instructional Video ( step by step)

The video series offers a good learning platform for visual learners like myself. John carefully explains every step, and you can watch as he practically builds the entire system from scratch and it felt nice knowing that a DVD was on its way to your house in case you forget.

  • You get free bonuses covering;
    • Organic gardening
    • Herbs for health and home
    • Guide to flower gardening
    • Worm farming
    • Organic cooking guide
    • Eating healthy

I think it is really kind of John to share these beautiful guides with his learners because as you can see, they cover a lot more than just aquaponics farming. I have skimmed through some of them, and I loved the herbs for health and home guide because I believe that eating healthy and using herbal medicines is the key to longer and happier life.


  • Learn to make maximum use of your garden space
  • Ste-by-step instruction video
  • Learn to conserve your gardening water saving up to 98%
  • Make money selling organic health foods
  • Faster maturity rates for your plants
  • Learn to grow tastier organic foods
  • Save big on energy bills
  • Enjoyable farming, grow your own veggies yeah!
  • Comes with useful bonus features and guides
  • Portable PDF format
  • Save time you would need to wait for a premade system t be shipped and installed.
  • 60 day 100% money back guarantee


  • It was really hard coming up with excuses not to like this guide. As far as making aquaponics is concerned, I can see it delivering on its promise so really, it is perfect save for the fact that they did not include a checklist for constructions stages and a logbook to keep track of your pH, EC and crops grown, nothing a notebook can’t fix really.

Final verdict: is aquaponics worth your effort?

Looking at what this guide has to offer, I would personally give it a five-star rating. I had spent hours and hours on YouTube trying to make sense of endless “tutorials” made by guys who don’t have a clue. I mean, the guy posts a DIY video on aquaponics but all they say in the video is how you should buy this and then buy that, it’s very annoying. I like that John explains exactly the materials needed and then proceeds to actually do it without suggesting how you should buy premade systems because that option was available to you even before you went and purchased his tutorial.

So anyway, if you consider that you have a 60 day money back guarantee in the unlikely event that you regret your purchase, there is really not much to lose here. Plus, given how much this guy is saving you, thirty seven bucks is peanuts. I am just saying, it’s a good program and I feel like it’s worth every penny even though I just got it. Having just watched the video online, I am confident that I can pull this through. I will try and get the materials ready before that DVD arrives. Catch you later.