Aquaponics How to: Growing Bed Making and Maintenance

This article will discuss about aquaponics how to for growing bed making and its maintenance. Aquaponics is a beneficial way of food production that is not only environmentally friendly but also commercially promising. The system combines independent symbiotic system between fish and plant that combines growing hydroponic and aquaculture. Aquaponics system also needs commitment in initiating the project as well as maintaining it. Preparing the fish tank is only the beginning since there are more steps to follow such as planting the aquaponics grow rooms and maintaining it regularly to make sure the system is healthy and not compromised.

Aquaponics How to: Growing Bed Preparation


Some preparation needed for bed preparation aquaponics how to include sketching and designing, as well as developing the bed for the plants.


Make the sketch on the preferred design for the grow room. Make sure to think about the location for the refined system close to the existing fish tank.

Get a container which fits dimensions of the intended location. When decided to use recycled container, make sure no harmful chemicals or substances was used to be stored in the grow cabinet that is going to be used for aquaponics plants.

Check the container for either leakage or holes by filling it with water and leave it for an hour to check.

Empty the container from the water and clean it by wiping it down. Removing any dirt or dust is also recommended.


Aquaponics How to: Plant the Growing Bed


Planting the grow bed in aquaponics how to can be begun by filling the media such as gravel or clay beads to the container. Here is the how.


Make sure to use the media that are particularly use for aquaponics in order to lessen the possibility in compromising and contaminating the system.

Stabilize the media to facilitate them to regularly filling the container.

Put the plant in the media. Aquaponics greenhouse or backyard aquaponics can grow seeds, young grown plants, and even half grown plants. Root vegetables require an adequate amount of depth of the bed to grow well. Root vegetables that are possible to be grown are potatoes, turnips, coleslaw.

The next thing to do is to connect the bed to the fish tank system.


Aquaponics How to: The Growing Bed Maintenance


The maintenance for aquaponics growing bed is pretty easy. Commitment is the most important aspect needed. It is necessary to regularly check that the water from the fish tank is constantly pumping. Check as well if there are small pieces of anything that can block the water source in order to let the water from the grow cabinets and the fish tank flows continuously. Shift the clay beads or gravel when considered necessary. Examine the grow bed for apparent signs of either mold or contamination. When either one is found in the system then there is a necessity to replant. As the major function of growing hydroponics and aqua culture system is to clean itself, when such thing happen means there is a failure in the grow bed maintenance aquaponics how to.