Fish for Aquaponics

What types of fish to use for aquaponics?

Definitely, the reason why you are seriously considering an Aquaponics system in your home is because you want fresh and healthy fish for your family. Because this system also involves growing vegetables and fruits, side by side, you are able to enjoy natural, organic and pesticide/herbicide-free produce.

Although there is no “perfect” fish in an Aquaponics system, here are some biological characteristics you have to note when choosing the fish you want to grow in your system:

First of all, you would want a type of fish that can reproduce while in captivity. Aquaponics system is a closed-in system wherein once you put in the water in the fish tank, you are only expected to “refill” a very little portion every once in a while. There is no flowing water, so fishes placed on the tank are expected to thrive within the system. Because of this, the fish you want should be able to reproduce many and hardy types of eggs.  It is also important that the fish should be adaptable to all types of farming techniques and readily consumes and adapt to feeds. Mortality or survival rates of the fish should be high. Because they have the tendency to grow bigger in size, they can easily tolerate a tight pack environment. Most of all, you would want fish that taste great!


Tilapias are fish species that are called by different names although they come from the group cichlids. They are very popular for so many reasons and one of these is because of their great adaptability in closed-in type of aquaculture system. They are ideal because they are easy to breed. They grow fast and can survive even the poor water conditions as long as the water is kept warm. Fish like this taste good and are easy to cook.

White Bass

White bass are great-tasting, Midwestern type of fish. If you are planning to put up an Aquaponics system, you must have White bass in it. Unlike tilapias, they are carnivorous and they feed on crabs and small fish. During active spawning season, an adult bass can lay as many as 900,000 eggs.


If you have a system that has a cooler water temperature, then trout are the best. Like tilapias, they have fast growth rates and when cooked, taste great!


There are so many different varieties of catfish all over the world. In fact, they are widely farmed in the US alone because of their ability to grow fast.


This is another fish that you must not forget to add in your fish tank. It has a delicate flavor taste and can adapt well in a closed-in system. However, this type of fish takes almost 2 years to reproduce. Once the female crappie laid eggs, the male crappie will protect it from intruders until they are hatched naturally.

With all these different fish species growing in your Aquaponics system, you can have the best fish meal every day. You can be sure that the fish you have is healthy and fresh.